A number of trees in Riley Park are over one hundred years old and pre-date the park’s existence. They are consequently covered by WDC Tree Preservation Order’s and are worthy of note and protection. 

The park falls within the Marlow Conservation Area.

Between 2011 and 2014 saplings have been provided to the Trust by the Woodland Trust and these have been planted by the Trustees and voluntary helpers around the perimeters of the Park where gaps had been left due to the installation of the new fencing. 

The saplings include Beech, Dogwood, Budlia, Lilac and two Oak saplings which were grown from seed collected from one of the royal household estates. 

A flowering cherry tree has also been planted at the main entrance gates at Oxford Road, a kind donation from a Riley Park admirer. Many daffodil and bluebell bulbs have been planted around the perimeters to give colour in early spring. Even in winter the park has exquisite beauty with a magic of its own.

The park provides a beautiful environment for wild life and bird life. A wild life flower area has been planted in 2014. Birds are encouraged by bird boxes which have been installed in a number of the trees. 

The Trustees encourage all users of the park to respect the environment in line with the Park’s Environmental Statement.