Riley Park Trust is a lovely quiet area, set in the centre of Marlow,  The park is located at the back of Sainsbury's main supermarket in West Street and Riley Road, Oxford Road and Cambridge Road form its boundary roads.

Riley Park Trust is a registered charity and is run by a team of voluntary Trustees and receives no funding from the public purse.  The facility is used extensively by a very wide age spectrum of people, from formative children, up to retirement home people, along with sporting groups including youth football.  This extensive usage of the park fulfils the objectives of the Trust Deed, set up in 1914 by the benefactor Mr Edward Riley, which states that the ground is left in Trust so that children can play safely off the streets.  In 2014 the Trust crlebrates its Centenary year.


Riley Park Trust is a green haven of tranquillity away from the hubble and bubble of the town centre.  The Trust is administered through a voluntary Trust team.  Until recent years, the park was relatively unnoticed except by the Trust team, nearby residents, youth footballers and, of course, play area children and parents all of which fit snugly into the requirements of the Trust Deed.  Over the last ten years considerable regeneration of the Trust has taken place including changing the trading name from Riley Recreation Ground Trust to Riley Park Trust.  It is estimated that, over this period, in excess of a quarter of a million pounds has been raised and invested in the Trust and this has included the replacement of the perimeter fencing, regeneration of the children’s play area and increased planting and landscaping.  Marlow has several jewels in its crown most of them rightfully protected and funded through the public purse. However, Riley Part Trust is not in this category and has to survive through support of its stakeholders, the Marlow Community and local businesses, and through fundraising, legacies and donations.  The Riley family’s generosity has served the community and youth well over the last 100 years – let’s hope that with the community’s continued support the Trust will survive for the next 100 years and beyond.